The Ballajura Community College Basketball Excellence Program provides an elite level of teaching and learning programs that will allow each student to improve in all aspects of the game. It will provide opportunities for success and enable students to reach their potential in the game of Basketball. The Basketball Excellence Program will mirror the College’s values of Respect, Equity, Achievement, Care and Health.

In this program students are given the opportunity to participate in Interschool Competitions, strength and conditioning development, officiating programs, guest coach presentations and more.  

The Ballajura Community College Basketball student develops: 

  • Individual, team, refereeing, coaching and statistical analysis skills 
  • Understanding of the skill requirements of basketball and analysis of individual skill performance and team structures  
  • Understanding of the physiological requirements for basketball at an elite level which includes: – undertaking Sports Medicine Australia training programs including first aid and injury prevention and management – training in information relating to diet and nutrition. 
  • Knowledge of basketball related fitness testing and development programs in the aim of improving individual fitness levels. 

Students accepting a place in the Basketball Excellence Program are expected to continue to study basketball to the end of Year 8 as a minimum.

Basketball Program application form