Parents & Guardians

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For parents and guardians, Consent2Go ends permissions and tiresome paperwork, while giving you greater confidence and peace of mind for the welfare of your children attending school excursions.

With no training required, the system makes consenting to school excursions and updating the personal information timely and simple.

Consent2Go makes life a little easier with time-saving features, including:

  • being able to update childrens’ medical, dietary or contact details at any time, not just intime for an excursion
  • not having to complete the same student information each time (forms are automatically pre-filled with the latest information held by the school)
  • being able to access the system from any device, i.e. phone, tablet , laptop or desktop
  • not having to download an app or regularly upload new versions
  • not requiring you to remember or change logins or passwords
  • facility to print excursion details for attaching to your fridge/noticeboard

Peace of mind

Importantly, Consent2Go vastly improves parent-teacher communication at all times, giving you greater peace of mind about your child’s welfare. This ensures the information held by the school is managed and updated by the parent in real time.

The system:

  • allows teachers to contact parents/guardians quickly in an emergency
  • sends you an SMS alert if you change your email address but forget to advise the school
  • messages you about last-minute excursion changes, e.g. an earlier finishing time
  • enhances confidentiality of student records as teachers aren’t carrying paper records or unsecured USB sticks on excursions
  • automatically displays location maps for events and excursions in case you need them