Third Party Service Providers

At Ballajura Community College we use number of third party service providers and applications to facilitate and supplement teaching and learning. In 2021 the Department of Education created a policy to protect information shared by schools with third party services and providers. This new process requires guardians to provide consent for their child to access and use third party services which collect student information. These services have been reviewed by the Department of Education and have been group into the following 3 applicable categories:

Notification: Guardians are required to be notified that the service is being used at the school but are NOT required to provide permission.
Bundled Consent: Services in this category require guardians to provide a single consent for all services listed.
Explicit Consent: Services in this category require guardians to select ‘Consent’ or ‘Do Not Consent’ for each service listed.

As the Department of Education routinely reviews all third party services and providers, we may seek guardian consent for additional services and applications throughout the year. We apologise for this inconvenience.

Please click on the buttons bellow to view the current third party services and providers used at the College.

Document last updated on 01/03/2022.
Document last updated on 15/06/2022.
Now includes:
The College currently does not engage with any service or providers in this catagory.

The College will seek your permission for your child / children to access these services through Consent2Go. Guardians will be emailed a link to access Consent2Go to review and provide consent for third party service providers or additionally this can be accessed via the link here:

Please contact the College by emailing if you have any queries regarding the third party services we use at the College.