Introducing VIVO Online Rewards

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What is it? 

  • Vivo Miles is an award winning online rewards system assisting us to achieve the very best results for our students.
  • Vivo has been developed to assist in improving student performance and the overall results of the College by motivating students to perform at their very best.
  • Vivo is an online rewards system that provides incentives for students via an online points system similar to the traditional “gold stars”.

How does it work? 

Middle School staff at Ballajura Community College will be awarding points for positive achievements both inside and outside the classroom.

  • Students collect points which can then be redeemed in our online shop or donated to an appointed charity.
  • Students, parents and teachers can log in to the Vivo online rewards system and the College controls the products they are exposed to on the website.

Improving the performance of our students is our top priority.