Mock ATAR exams

Mock ATAR exams for Year 12 students will be held from Monday October 2 to Wednesday October 11. This is Week 2 of the Term 3 holiday period and Monday to Wednesday of Week 1, Term 4.

Any student enrolled in an ATAR subject MUST SIT THE COMPULSORY MOCK ATAR EXAMS.

The morning exams will start at 8.50 am and finish at 12.00 pm. The afternoon exams will start at 1.20 pm and finish at 4.30 pm. All students should arrive at the examination centre (English Block GLA 2) at least 30 minutes prior to the commencement of the examination.

Students will be issued with a copy of the Final Mock ATAR timetable, student personal timetable, exam instructions and a parent letter by the end of Week 6 of this term (August 25).

Students are advised to access (publications) for all information in relation to examinations.

Exams can be a stressful and demanding time. The mock ATAR exams are designed to replicate the ATAR exams as much as possible on the basis that a dress rehearsal should make it easier for students to perform on the day. Students will not be admitted into the examination after 30 minutes has passed from the start of the working time. Students will not be allowed to leave the examination during the first hour of the work period, or during the final 15 minutes of the examination.

It is compulsory that your child returns to the College on Monday, October 16 through to Friday, October 20 (Week 2) and attend their ATAR classes. The purpose of this is to receive their mock exams back and have a structured study session to address areas where they may need further help.