Good Standing Policy

Attendance and Punctuality

All absences for part or all of a day or for several days must be covered by a written explanation, telephone call, fax or email from the parent or guardian. If you know your child will be absent from school a telephone call to the Main Administration Office (9262 7777) is preferred. Notes should be brought to school when the student returns and must be dated and specify the reasons for the absence(s). If absences remain unexplained Homeroom Teachers will post letters home to parents. A parent is not entitled to keep a child from school without a valid reason. Valid reasons for absence are sickness or urgent business which cannot be conducted at any other time.

Prolonged Absence

We are required to inform the North Metropolitan Education Regional Office of any extended or repeated absence and there is an 85% attendance requirement for Senior Schooling. Therefore the following procedures should be followed:

  • In the case of prolonged illness, contact the College. For students who are absent regularly, or for a long period of illness, a Medical Certificate is required.
  • If a family holiday has to be taken during the school term, advance permission should be sought by the Principal.
  • Homework can be arranged if the absence is expected to be a week or longer. The provision of schoolwork is a matter to be negotiated with the Homeroom Teacher.
Truancy – It’s not okay to stay away!

Truancy is illegal and students who truant are referred to the North Metropolitan Education Regional Office. Police patrols return truanting students to school or to their parents at work. The Education Act requires that students must attend school daily until the end of the year in which they turn 17. Absence is often an indicator of other issues of concern regarding student success and wellbeing.

Leaving the School Grounds

No student is permitted to leave the College grounds without a written note from his/her parent/guardian and signing out at the front office at the designated time. This is essential for accuracy of records. Students have access to the Jiffy Van and will not be permitted to attend local shops at lunchtime.


Students are expected to make every effort to be at class on time, especially at the beginning of the school day. If a student arrives late to school he/she must sign in at the front office and will be issued a ‘Late Note’. This Late Note is very important for the student to be admitted to class.


A Clearance Form must be completed when a student leaves the College. These forms are available from the main office and require all teachers and administrators to sign prior to completion. Department of Education student transfer forms must also be completed if the student is moving to another school in WA.