2018 Spectrum Exhibition

Winner of the Peoples Choice Award.

An art exhibition showcasing hundreds of student art works was held at Ballajura Community College last week.

Spectrum displayed the creative talents of students from Years 7 to 12 and was viewed by more than 300 people.

Mr Pileggi, Principal, congratulated Mary-Anne Drinkwater, The Arts Head of Department on the outstanding exhibition.

“You and your team have done a wonderful job nurturing the talent of our students,” he said. “This exhibition is always something to look forward to and a great way to bring students, families and the community together.”

Ms Reid, art teacher, said a lot of thought went into the artworks.

“We spend a lot of time researching and designing to develop our ideas first,” she said. “Each artwork reflects the personality of the student who created it. We encourage a personal response to the themes we work with and it is very rewarding to see how the students express themselves through art.”

The artworks ranged in size, form, colour and technique and covered mediums such as painting, drawing, sculpture, print making and mixed media. Also on display was work created digitally using software, photography and video.

A display of small life boats made by the Year 8s contained a symbolic representation of what the student felt they would need in life such as family, food and first aid and there were beautifully detailed, brightly coloured corals made from recycled materials such as plastic, paper and foam.

A group of ceramic tiki pots represented students’ exploration of the mythology behind Hawaiian gods and other Indigenous cultures. Each large scale coil pot was unique and incorporated symbols of nature, the student themselves and referenced the mythology of the culture the student had researched and learned about.

Work by students in Year 11 and 12 explored deeper themes. Whilst some of the imagery was confronting, it also reflected major issues in society and was a way for the students to explore their world and comment on broader themes from their own point of view.

This year’s the BCC People’s Choice Award went to Year 12 Lok-Ching Yuen, who won a $200 voucher for art materials. Lok-Ching’s colourful and detailed painting was inspired by traditional Chinese celebrations. Jion Rebulanan came second and Habah Al-Khaledi and Anna Mai equal third. Congratulations!